How did America React?

It was a busy congress nationwide. In October 2011, the US congress passed the USA Patriot Act. In this proposition, it gives the law enforcement officials the right to searching property without warrants, detain and deport, track down financial transactions, and review phone conversations. This has brought different reviews, as many citizens feared that the law would lead to abuse of power and infringement on civil liberties.

Under the said proposition, around 1,200 people were detained for a mount without concealing their rights to their attorneys. On the 21st of October (2001), it has embarked the beginning of an American-led international effort to overthrow the Taliban’s hold in Afghanistan to destroy bin Laden’s terrorist camp there. Prior to the operation (about 2 months old), the US government ousted the Taliban from power. However, the war carried on and American forces fought to defeat a Taliban insurgency campaign over Pakistan.

In 2005, there were reports revealing that in the year 2002, former President George W. Bush authorized the National Security Agency in secret to wiretap domestic emails and phone calls warrants. The US also empowered the Department of Homeland Security Act of 2002. The said act that brought the proposition of Secretary of Homeland Security established the Department of Homeland Security, a cabinet-level agency. The objective of this agency was to make sure the national security, along with providing information about terrorist threats and suggested security measures for the public, the government, and other important hubs like airports.

The goals and achievements of the Department of Homeland Security cover training law enforcement to evaluate threats and react accordingly. This also involves the empowerment of “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING’ campaign that also encourages civilians to inform any suspicious behavior and activity, more in-depth screening of international passengers entering or leaving the country. It also proposes major overhaul of the nation’s cyber infrastructure. On the other hand, some people believe that the implementation of these laws encouraged the breaching the rights and liberties of every citizen and non-citizens as well.

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