Targeting Osama Bin Laden

Contrary on the latest post, here’s a documentary of how the Navy Seal Team Six executed the compound raid in Pakistan where al Qaeda terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden was staying. In this video, they showed how the Seals crash their advanced “Black Hawk Chopper”, which forces them to move quickly so they can capture or kill the terrorist ring leader before Pakistan military arrives. They moved quickly and terminate Bin Laden then search the compound for Intel that may help them lead to future terror attacks.

One of the primary objectives is to find the right spot for the Black Hawk helicopter from the Bin Laden raid. It had to be destroyed with strategically placed explosives before the SEALs could leave the Abbottabad compound so the enemies cannot utilize this advanced technology.

As the world knows, Bin Laden and his group, Al Qaeda was responsible for the murder of thousands of people. In here, you can see how strategic the US forces are with this operation.

Watch this video below:

Now the question is, do you agree that they had to terminate Osama bin Laden?