What Happened After the 9/11 Devastating Attacks?

There have been series of different effects on the daily lives of every American after the devastating 9/11 attacks. First, the “United States invasion” of Afghanistan in just less than a month after the World Trade Center incident to release al-Qaeda’s grip on the Middle East. It is quite evident that the war has ignited—in 2003, the United States also invaded Iraq, which is according to reports not related to the attacks—although it was an important weapon in the War on Terror.

In December 2011, they pulled the troops from Iraq and you can witness that the US has left them in a state of “explosive” democracy. On the other hand, President Obama ordered to cease the combat mission, and decided to replace it as a support mission in 2014. The war in Afghanistan was one of the lengthiest wars in United States History.

Between the years of 2001 and 2011, over two million US troops were deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. The casualties as reported that there were at least 6,000 troops killed and around 44,000 wounded. Around 20 percent of returned servicemen suffer from major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder and approximately 23 percent suffer from traumatic injuries.

Another reported effect made by the 9/11 terrorist attack has been the US’ stance on immigration and deportation. As discussed in the previous posts, the implementation of the Department of Homeland Security meant the merging of 22 other government agencies. This includes the US Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The department were very particular with the deportation for criminals and law-breakers, leading to the rising numbers of deportations from the country.

From year 2009 and 2010, reports show that the deportation rates has reached almost 400,000 people annually, with only half being convicted of a criminal offense and majority of them were regarded as low-level offences.