The “Celebrating Palestinians”

Now in this segment, we see a whole new perspective. While many innocent lives were taken from the 9/11 devastating attack, some people rejoiced.

Just like everybody else, I was sitting in front of my monitor and images of Palestinians celebrating the terrorism of 9/11/01 over and over again. I even saw those slow motion versions with different music background that instructed viewers that “You got taught to hate.”

As I was doing a research about the truth about the 9/11, I have seen a lot of different angles. There are also “conspiracies” going that some our saying the media and many alternative outlets don’t want people to know. Some theorists say that why the media is always saying it’s the end of story, while for them there are still loopholes and believe it’s just the beginning of an explosive series.

Some are questioning the motivation of the video crews whose first impulsive, immediately following the terrorist attacks in New York and in Washington was to run over to the Palestinian areas and tape some Palestinians. What are the real intentions of the video crews—mainly the Reuters and Associated Press. Was it to bring hatred to the jubilant Palestinians? Was this a result of a biased outlook and an agenda they serve?